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By: Pamela Britt-Roker

When traveling to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to say your “I do’s,” it’s no wonder that most couples tend to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches all around The Bahamas. Whether you’re into sandy toes or you choose a location that overlooks the ocean, exchanging vows with a perfect backdrop provided by nature sounds absolutely magical. The absolute fun part is putting your personal touches on your ceremony and beach reception setup. It’s time to get those checklists ready; from colors, trending elements, and food ideas, inspiration is on its way!

Blushing Bride

Do you know the most frequently used summer wedding color? You guessed it: blush! And rightfully so. Between the soft tones and versatility of it, blush looks stunning against the waters of The Bahamas. Hint: it matches all of the pretty shells on the seashore, too. Blush can work any time of day, but daytime weddings are the first that come to mind. Think breakfast or brunch reception with fresh island coconuts, traditional Bahamian Johnny Cake and stewed conch. Yum!

Beach Wedding Photo Credit: Braxton Gardiner Photography

Wedding blues

What can be more complementary to the idyllic waters of The Bahamas than blue hues as your wedding colors? With Classic Blue as the Pantone color of the year, your something blue can be all around you on your wedding day. Add in cute little blue accents on your menu, like cake pops and macaroons, or let your venue whip up a blue signature cocktail with a unique name especially for your big day.

Beach Wedding DinnerPhoto Credit: Images by Alexander

Nature’s calling

Bring the garden to the beach! Adding greenery to a beach wedding sets a much-needed pop of color against the gorgeous Bahamian turquoise waters. Centerpieces are a great way to add back in some of those green nature elements. Ceremony arches are also a popular way to help bring out those greens and make them the focal point, next to the bride, of course! Greenery is also easily combined with other accent colors to create more dimension in your beach décor.

Beach Wedding

Photo Credit: IBA Images by Alexander

Tone it down

Earth tones are a great way to complement those beautiful white sandy beaches and accentuate the beauty that is all around. Think burlap, crisp white shirts, casual khakis and shell bouquets. Sounds like a dream, right? When it all comes down to it, earth tones are airy, clean and simple: perfect for a fun and laid-back Bahamas beach wedding. A fun bonfire on the beach during cocktail hour and Bahamian entertainers you can dance to all night long don’t sound too bad either!

Wedding Bouquet

Photo Credit: IBA Images by Alexander

Perfectly tropical

If you’re into all the colors, what better way to make your personality pop by including some tropical colors in your beach wedding decor? The use of bold colored flowers, tropical fruits and even bold wedding attire are all a great way to go totally tropical. Have your guests snack on tropical fruit, tropical conch salad and grilled shrimp skewers. And don’t forget those cocktails served in pineapples to go with it!

Tropical Wedding Bouquet

Photo Credit: Braxton Gardiner Photography

Metallics rock

Every bride loves a little sparkle, am I right? What better way to bring the bling than with tones of silver or gold! Although metallics can be overwhelming on their own, using these colors sparingly and combining them with simplicity can be very classy. They can add just the right touch! Ask your cake designer to add in some edible gold paper to bring in some sparkle to your cuisine or add a beautiful cake topper and some sparkly earrings to keep things shining.

Beach Wedding

Photo Credit: Braxton Gardiner Photography

No matter what route you decide to take with your beach wedding- whether simple, lavish or just in between- the beautiful beaches of The Bahamas are a great place to start!