Cat Cay is a private island, owned by its members. Over the years Cat Cay Yacht Club has managed to combine the best features of private island life with the infrastructure of a major resort. Many members own luxurious beachfront homes, play tennis or golf on well-maintained inland facilities, dock their yachts in the protected marina, explore pristine beaches, and dine in the island’s gourmet restaurant. Our members treasure the ultimate luxury of having a private island paradise to share with family and invited guests at their Bahamas private island homes. An air of casual elegance best describes the feel of Cat Cay Yacht Club. The natural beauty of the island and the ability to have a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the ultimate allure of Cat Cay. Generations of members have forged a strong community and connection to preserving this island paradise. Membership is offered by invitation to those who share a common vision and value a community that holds privacy to the highest degree. Being exclusive yet inclusive to like-minded individuals offers an island club like no other.