Considering a luxury yacht charter in the Bahamas? With over 700 colourful islands and innumerable tiny cays – home to stunning beaches and picturesque towns, deep caves and rich vegetation – the sun-baked Bahamas are an ideal destination for travellers of all ages. With sheltered waters and schools of tropical fish dancing beneath the surface, a cruise to the Bahamas is a paradise for divers and snorkellers. Its welcoming people echo the temperament of the hospitable Gulf Stream winds, making this the perfect destination for a yacht charter. The Bahamas islands have lured and captivated seafarers for centuries, enchanting both settlers and traders alike. Explorer Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador in 1492 and declared this place to be a ‘Baja mar’ or ‘shallow sea’ – and hence The Bahamas gained its name. This area is famed for attracting the boisterous pirates of centuries past, making use of its countless quiet hideouts and its eponymous shallow waters for burying stolen loot.