You may not realize it, but you have just discovered a very remote location that is largely isolated, time-forgotten and magnificent. Just to give you an idea about its size: you could fit the better part of all of Cuba’s shallow-water fishing areas into the lagoon. All this but without the same amount of fishing pressure! Miles after square mile of pristine sand or coral flats, surrounded by crystal clear waters which are some of the clearest in the world. The 280 inhabitants of Crooked Island live in only two or three tranquil and peaceful villages, typical for the area. Three consecutive cars following each other on the road are considered a traffic jam here! The lodge gives access to a large part of the vast lagoon where colonies of pink flamingos are breeding in season. Many areas are a snorkeler’s heaven; beach-goers will fall in love with the fine sand and many a coral cave is waiting to be discovered in the hills. There are quite a few blue holes in the lagoon, some of which are connected to the open ocean, miles away!