Why you should learn to Scuba Dive in The Bahamas
By Shaunna Dawkins

The Bahamas boasts of world-class diving and so many diverse trip options, that it is no wonder it is one of the most sought-after destinations for scuba diving. These diving experiences are also some of the most accessible. 

In 2019 The Bahamas picked up a number of awards from the Dive equipment Manufacturing Association (DEMA) by being named amongst other things the Best Beginner Dive Destination. If you ever wanted to cross scuba diving off your list of adventures, The Bahamas may be the destination for you. 

Accessible and Adventurous diving in the capital

As travel restrictions begin to ease up worldwide, visitors can begin planning the trips that they have always dreamed about. The Bahamas has made massive strides in making the country a scuba diving haven. Internationally recognized companies such as Stuarts Cove and Bahama Divers provide divers at all levels with experiences to remember. Both companies, located on the island of New Providence provide shuttle service from the major hotels and both allow guests to plan for the type of dive they are looking for. Best Stay Travels is a one-stop-shop to link travelers to a directory of dive companies through the Bahamas. 

Stunning water and exciting wrecks

Travelers do not have to be limited to the capital for their dive adventures. The Islands of Exuma, are also a great location. Recently, the island has become famous for its swimming pigs and incredible cays, each with its own unique flair. Exuma has great dive sights to explore. Beginners are welcomed with the islands numerous dive companies have experts in the field ready to provide certification. Dive Exuma, located in George Town Exuma, offers a beginner Scuba diving course for those willing to stay in the Islands a little longer. The company also facilitates dive tours to wrecks, blue holes, and beautiful neighboring coral reefs. Hotels and vacation rentals also make it easy to stay awhile and discover Exuma.

Diving off the beaten path

Seafari is a dive center located in Cockburn Town San Salvador. A destination that is no stranger to European guests, this island is a gem for travelers wanting more seclusion, adventure and to avoid the hustle of the mainland. The dive center allows beginners to start their scuba certification from home and later complete at the dive center in The Bahamas. A great excuse to plan a trip surrounding your dive experience, Best Stay travels can assist travelers with all aspects of a San Salvador trip providing contacts to guests which many websites don’t have access too such as vacation rentals, transportation services, and other activities which can be booked directly. Many resorts in San Salvador have not announced reopening of their facilities yet due to the pandemic, however, check their websites as well as Best Stay Travels for up to date information regarding their anticipated reopening.