Manage Profile and Personalize Experience

By Shaunna Dawkins

The experience of travel has changed drastically for the world. Not only are we more inclined to care about where our destination ends but we want more control of the way that we get there. Subsets of travelers have unique and specific needs for travel. Conventional black and white packages are being replaced by consumers customizing their trips in alignment with their specific wants. As a result, Managing and Personalizing the experience is a top offering at Best Stay Travels.

Knowledge and access are allowing travelers to do more research on upcoming trips and vacations. Best Stay travels seeks to be the location where travelers can spend customizing their trips and getting up to date information on exclusive travel features that other booking engines cannot. Data out of NYU in 2020 concluded that 75% of travelers are booking trips themselves rather than going through travel agencies[1]. Booking platforms are not only places to book a trip but to receive more information on the destinations themselves.  

In the age of Social Media, it is no wonder why consumers want and need a personalized experience no matter what platform they engage with. A travel website is no different. Customers want to see that their needs are being met, custom profiles take the guesswork out of the experience and connect travelers with recommendations and content which they uniquely want.

Being a one-stop-shop for all travel features is important, booking a hotel room, transportation, and activities should feel like an experience. Apart of that experience is the assurance you can feel in a custom profile. A feature, which comes with signing up for Best Stay Travels, travelers can view their trips ahead of time, explore the destinations with up to date content and deals and book activities, hotel, and even luxury options like chartered yachts. As a user, Best Stay allows seamless management of those profiles. This is an easy and no-hassle way to make sure our members’ information is relevant, and that trips and bookings are handled with ease.

Best Stay Travel emphasizes that the benefits of a custom profile is to have the freedom to choose the vacation which suits you the best as well as a place to return to for the newest and latest in travel features and offerings.