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Bowcar Tour & Rental

It all began in 2002 when Bowcar Rentals pioneered the scooter rental concept and guided the scooter tour business into what it is today. We started with scooters and have since added jeeps/buggies and ATVs. We have gone on to become Nassau’s leading Tour & Activities tourism company providing a large fleet of beautifully maintained jeeps/buggies and ATVs. We can accommodate any rental or tour experience.

The success we’ve had as a business is a result of the high standards we uphold every single day. We don’t just rent you a vehicle… We give the customer an experience. We give you a chance to see incredible places and do amazing things. A moment to feel the freedom, excitement, and fulfillment that we all crave in our lives. An opportunity to actually live what many only imagine in dreams. Here at Bowcar, we rent those dreams. From the moment you pick up your favorite vehicle to the moment you return it, we’re going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your adventure is everything you ever wanted it to be.

Our team will ensure you receive superior customer service and a great experience!

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